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Welcome to Kidtime Child Development Center.  We are committed to making the center a rich environment for children to learn and play.  It is a Center that is family-oriented in a small setting with qualified teachers and no more than thirty children.  Our belief is that children learn though a variety of ways such as directly interacting with the environment and group times.  We also believe that children are intrinsically good with the ability to learn appropriate behavior.


We participate in both Head Start and Great Start Readiness Program.  You may fill out an application for these preschool programs at michiganpreschool.org


The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) is a free preschool program for children that are 4 years old www.inghamisd.org/academic-services/earlychildhoodeducation/gsrp/


CACS Head Start is a comprehensive preschool program serving low income children 3-5 years old  www.cacsheadstart.org

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